Thai Life Key West

Thai Life Key West

Tel: 305-296-9907
1801 N. Roosevelt Blvd. Key West, Fl 33040
Tel: 305-296-9907
1801 N. Roosevelt Blvd. Key West, Fl 33040
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Thai Life Appetizers
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Thai Appetizers

Phuket Spring Rolls

Chicken, shrimp, glass noodles with sweet chilli sauce

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Curry Spring Rolls

Chicken and potato yellow curry

Fresh Rolls

Shrimp crab salad mint

Pla Kung

Shrimp salad / lemongrass with mint, cilantro and mushrooms (a little spicy)

Chicken Satay

with peanut sauce and cucumber dip

Sauteed Clams

in Basil garlic and oyster sauce

Tom Ka

Chicken or Shrimp soup in coconut milk

Tom Yum

spicy sweet and sour soup with

Chicken / Shrimp / Tofu / Seafood / Beef

Som Tum

Green Papaya salad with garlic, lemon, tomatoes, peanuts and shrimp

(Thai people eat this delicious dish almost everyday)

Noodle soup with vegetables

Chicken / Tofu / Pork / Beef

Yam ( Thai Salad )

Beef or chicken with onion, cucumber, tomato and cilantro

Dried Beef

Bangkok Fish Cake

florida food
authentic Thai
Thai Life Food

Desserts / Beverages


Key Lime Pie

Fresh Mango and Ice Cream

Mango / Sticky Rice (seasonal)

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Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Coffee

Sparkling Water


Iced Tea


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